7 votes

Import/export snippets

The function to copy snippets to another site.

2 votes

Insert automatically on specific pages

Insert shortcodes automatically on specific pages.

2 votes

Accept QueryString value

Allow the insertion of querystring values (GET in PHP) into values of a snippet. For example: [wbcr_php_snippet]: PHP snippets error (not passed the snippet ID)

1 vote

use name instead of id in the shortcode

for example [wbcr_php_snippet]: PHP snippets error (not passed the snippet ID) will be more clear and maintainable if will became [wbcr_php_snippet]: PHP snippets error (not passed the snippet ID)

in this case every update or delete/creation of that snippet obviously generate a new id but with this upgrade we won’t be to change id=”old_value” with id=”new_value” inside all site!!!!

-2 votes

Execute PHP within custom excerpts

Some themes work such that if one wants to show additional content on a page using a given template, such as a bit of text and links, then one has to put it into the page’s custom excerpt. If one additionally were to have such areas be dynamic, such as using a bit of code to randomize what’s shown within, then Woody Snippets’ shortcodes would need to be able to optionally execute not just before or after excerpts, but also within them.

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